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About Nakayoshi Japan [English] – なかよしジャパン株式会社

Nakayoshi Japan Co., Ltd. is a strategic consulting firm that plans strategic public relations activities and execute from promotion to merchandizing for all scales of comanies and countries in mainly North and Latin America. Having the leading knowledge on internet utilization in Japan, we realize “cross-media strategy” and “omni channel strategy” with mass media such as television and newspaper. We are also good at proposing measures to improve medium and long-term sales as well as short-term sales.

We have clients and partners with various scales of businesses, from world famous companies in Japan to startup projects from scratch.

We also plan and execute public relationship strategies (branding strategies) for various goverments and embassies

Major organizations we are assisting: The government of Japan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan), Embassy of the United States (ATO: U.S. Agricultural Trade Office Japan), Embassy of Brazil, Embassy of Belize, Embassy of El Salvador, Embassy of Panama, Embassy of Honduras, Embassy of Costa Rica, Embassy of Nicaragua, Embassy of Guatemala

We plan and execute community activation projects in Japan in cooperation with media


We are responsible for branding, promotion, and overall sales (B to B, B to C) for excellent products and services.


Our major partners
and clients
IBD Corporation
IBD Corporation is the most prestigious professional group in Japan for preparing contract documents in English with familiarity of practical activities in international business and foreign laws, and also a consulting firm. They have formed a business partnership with us, and are supporting our businesses such as international transactions from legal aspects.
DNA Media K.K.
DNA Media K.K. is a localization specialized company in Japan with the most prestigious know-how of translation. They are highly trusted by many global blue-chip companies such as Microsoft and Nokia. They provide translations considering each country’s culture and social situation, and that makes them trustworthy for contact persons of their client companies.。
Fuji Sankei Business i
daily economic newspaper published by Fuji Sankei Group. We cooperate with them by providing articles for their special features to communicate the latest inforamtion of foreign countries.
Oscar Promotion Co., Ltd.
One of the most major entertainment office in Japan. They cooperate with us by providing entertainers and models.
Huis Ten Bosch Co., Ltd.
The operation company of the superb theme park “Huis Ten Bosch” in Nagasaki, Japan. As one of the tourist spots in the area, they cooperate with us for our community activation project.